Sometimes developers gets tired of developing.

It has been a long time since I've written a post. I'm sort of in a transitional part of my life while there is a lot of adjustment happening. Because of a new regime. A new job. A different job.

Trust me, I love my job! It has been a good five months since I started and it has been everything I've imagined it to be. But on a hobby basis, I'm not creating anything. Before I started the new job, I had this big drive to develop my craft. I did so on my spare time. I was hungry. It felt like I could take on any task and solve it with ease. This lasted a few months into the transition to the new job and it has slowly faded. I just can't find the motivation! I hardly found the motivation to even write this post. I feel like my curiosity is fulfilled by all the new things in my life and the drive I had before isn't existent. At least not in the same degree. It scared me in the beginning.

Even for other things in life, some thing gets old after a while. Things starts feeling like a chore and a task rather than something fun like it used to. It's the circle of life. I might dramatize this whole thing, but it's good to vent it out. You might be going through the same situation.

Sometimes the most draining thing is the thought of having nothing to create. Constantly trying to figure out what to make. I have nothing now. I feel guilty about it. The feeling of letting yourself down because you're not constantly progressing. I shouldn't be like that.

Sometimes the hardest part of making things is to start. That period were you have nothing and want to make something. You don't know where to begin.

I'm not going to call this a burnout. It resembles more of a type of writers block. I'm not worn down. I don't feel like I need a break from programming all together.

It's good to do other things. Draw impulses from other places for a while. Place some passion in other areas. Then come back. And who knows, maybe your code quality and passion increases.